Sarcoidosis Outreach and Support Of Alabama
Discovering A Cause
              is Hope  For A Cure

Mission Statement

​1: To be of Support to those that have been diagnosed with sarcoidosis.
2: To be of support to those that have loved ones diagnosed with sarcoidosis.
3: To promote sarcoidosis awareness to the public, the news media, and health professionals.
4: To raise funds to help promote the awareness of sarcoidosis and research.

My Sarcoidosis Story

Sunday May 4,2008 My doctor came into my hospital room and sat down, he looked up and said “ you are going to look back over the years and know that you have had this for a very long time. I have only seen one patient with it, that was ten years ago and I did not treat her.” In a whisper I asked “ What is it?” He then replied “ Sarcoidosis, I don't know anything about the disease and not many people in the medical field does.” He told me what he knew, then he asked if my husband or myself has any questions. The only one that I had was “ How do you spell it?
When I got home from the hospital, I started researching as I read the symptoms I realized that he was right. I knew then that I had to do something that no one else should never here those words that I heard that day.
I had been sick for many years, one doctor estimated that with the involvement and the many calcified areas that I had sarcoidosis for many years before being diagnosed.

Alice Minyard
We Are a 501 C 3 Public Charity recognized by The IRS.
In 2012 The Sarcoidosis Support Group was formed
Alice Minyard, Martha Butcher and Tina Twyman desires were to reach out to those affected with this devastated dease.    
In Honor and Memory         

                                                            Tina Twyman 
                                                   July 16, 1969- May 4, 2011

                                                              Martha Butcher
                                                 August 17, 1947- April 3, 2019